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International Accounts and corporate accounting

Possibly the most important element to your company, financially speaking, are the reports.

Monthly, quarterly, and annual reports summarize your company’s financial performance over a specific time period and you cannot risk these being prepared incorrectly. Our representatives are well-trained to provide the most accurate financial reports of your company’s performance.

We are trained to compile monthly, quarterly, and annual reports as well as specific yearly closing data such as balance sheets, profit and loss statements, and notes. These reports can be prepared in accordance with Hungarian and foreign laws as well as any form required by the client.

Moore Stephens Hunaudit 2000 Könyvvizsgáló és Gazdasági Tanácsadó Kft takes a proactive and informative approach to managing corporate accounting. We inform you about all tax contributions, reimbursements and tax accounts.

We also handle statements from the Hungarian tax authority regarding your domestic tax obligations. Our firm has years of experience using corporate information and accounting systems.

Whether you are a subsidiary of a large parent firm or a small, entrepreneurial firm, we will be able to adapt to a system to fit your individual needs. We are in the position to offer special accounting services such as complete accounting for banks, investment firms, and insurance companies.

All correspondence and necessary information transfers will be in a format compatible with your system.

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