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Management Consulting

We can be instrumental when it comes to consulting on the direction of your business. Our management consulting services include carrying out finalized business agreements, selecting and implementing standard software, defining the type of enterprise and cost and output analysis.

During an important business agreement between your firm and another, we act as a representative and consultant on your behalf to ensure fair and equitable treatment throughout the duration of the agreement.

To determine the software that would be most beneficial to your company, we do a complete investigation of your specific needs, match and implement, the preferred software system.

We offer consultation services on the current systems being used by our clients. Evaluating the current system allows us to be able to make the necessary changes to achieve a seamless financial system and to eliminate any unnecessary processes. Your system is too important not to be managed by professionals, so we hope you consider allowing MS City Treuhand to evaluate, improve and take on the internal control duties of your system.

In addition to systems management, MS City is qualified to do industry-specific market research. This gives you data on your biggest competitors and a picture of where your firm stands in comparison to the entire market.   Analyzing the financial situation of your competitive position reveals the strengths and weaknesses to show themselves. Once these are known, identifying and developing your competitive advantages becomes an easy task. Making the most of your competitive advantages lends itself to growing your business while improving your market position.

Moore Stephens Hunaudit 2000 Könyvvizsgáló és Gazdasági Tanácsadó Kft is also available to lead your company fearlessly through times of uncertainty through our crisis management services.

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